Organic food standards of international organizations
At present, the group has more than 700 members in 110 countries. The basic standards for IFOAM, belongs to the standard organic / organic food non-governmental organizations to develop, because the standard of democracy and broadly representative, and every two years to modify a, therefore has the authority and advanced. In addition, IFOAM licensing system, the supervision and control of organic agricultural inspection certification organization and standards (IOAS), and its basic standards with international influence. The basic standard for IFOAM includes plant production, animal production and processing all kinds of links. IFOAM develop organic agriculture / international organic food standards in the following 4 aspects. The 1 condition (1) where the label “ organic ” label products, producers and farm must be members of the genus IFOAM (2) individual producers do not belong to IFOAM cannot be declared they are manufactured according to the standard of IFOAM; (3) does not belong to the IFOAM standard includes farm review and certification plan. Frame 2 basic standard (1) the production of sufficient quantities has high nutrition food. (2) maintain long-term soil fertility and increase. (3) in the local agricultural system as far as possible the use of renewable resources. (4) in a closed system as far as possible to the organic matter and nutrient recycling. (5) for all the animals with living conditions, so that they live by the living habits of nature. (6) the agricultural technology brings all forms of pollution. (7) to maintain the diversity of agricultural system of genetic matrix, including plant and wildlife protection environment. (8) to allow agricultural producers to make enough profit. (9) consider a wide range of social and ecological effect of agricultural system. Method and technique of 3 used adopt certain technical follow the natural ecological balance, stressed that the prohibition of the use of agricultural chemicals, such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides etc.. 4 how to make products become organic products was not organic products, can be converted, let it into organic products, are converted according to the standard requirement in a certain period of time, the conversion process of the hungry time determined by each agency organic farming certification, and regularly (every year) were evaluated, conversion program includes: (1) enhance the fertility of land crop rotation system; (2) diet plan appropriate (aquaculture); (3) fertilizer management method suitable (planting); (4) to establish a good environment, in order to reduce pest conversion cycle time, if the products meet all criteria for third years can be sold as organic products within two years.
Organic products Chinese certification standards?
The development of standards of organic products China passed a scattered from the standard process. Before 2004, China no organic product standard, develop organic certification standards to their various institutions. With the development of organic industry Chinese and Chinese national attestation approves supervisory management committee (hereinafter referred to as the CNCA) was founded in 2004, CNCA promulgated the tentative standard — — organic food certification "standard", the implementation of a nationwide pilot. Through the exploration and practice of the year, in the "base" of the organic food certification standard, CNCA issued a formal implementation of organic products national standards "GB19630.1-4— 2005" &mdash. Thus, the standard has become the only standard of organic products China production, management, implementation of the certification.