THE FARM organic farm planning acceptance review

Form:THE FARMDate:2014-07-04

The morning of August 3rd, the review planning organic farm De Fang meeting. Leeson of vice secretary of county Party committee, county magistrate, deputy director of the county people's Congress Standing Committee Song Zhiyuan, vice chairman of CPPCC Ding Houyi, deputy investigator, county farming appoint director Gao Weisen attended the meeting. Vice mayor Yao Yuxiang presided over the meeting.

Participate in and review: the provincial development and Reform Commission Office Director Wen Jianguo, Deputy Secretary General of crop to general Qian Jun, deputy director of development and Reform Commission Nie Shaoli, director of the municipal development and Reform Commission, Zheng Jinxian, director of the science department, City Agriculture Development Bureau Secretary Wei Suhua and other provincial leaders and Huaguang modern agricultural development (Jiangsu) Zhao Heli of president of limited company of development of modern agriculture Li, de aromatic organic farm field is long Li Wenshan (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. guests huaguang.

Watch video and listen to the project De Fang organic farm planning, project design ideas and specific design details, province, city, experts, leading to high grade project de aromatic organic farm planning gives a high degree of certainty, and puts forward the deep, positive, constructive for the improvement of project planning.

Leeson expressed the meaning of three layers in the speech, is a heartfelt thanks. Thank heliLi Hua Zhao and modern agricultural development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. in Xu investment, chairman of Zhao heliLi took over the East China region, Xuyi as the ideal dream, and settled in the project of my county, early input a lot of material and financial resources and gathering the whole team effort making stunning projects thank you for planning; project design team for their hard work. Integration of a variety of elements of the design team, focus of many elites, Germany aromatic organic farm blueprint for my county sketches, let me dream to take off County thanks; special thanks to the leadership of the provincial department in charge of city, and experts, for project put forward many concrete constructive opinions, to provide for the sound and rapid development of the project thank you for the help; finally thank relevant units, my county department heads project to provide services and help.

Two is the sincere hope. Hope that the development of province, city leaders continue to care for and support the project. The more technology and valuable resources to the project, the project to develop faster, better; hope chairman Zhao heliLi's team, especially a collection of planning and design team of elites from all over the world, have a first-class design, professional technology and top, to absorb all the leaders and experts, a comprehensive grasp of domestic related conditions and policy, do a good job market analysis, benefit, deal with farm planning more scientific, perfect and many not planning factors.

Three is the better vision. Hope that the German aromatic organic farm in the chairman Zhao heliLi and the whole team's efforts, seize every minute in the provinces and cities under the leadership support, in close coordination with the team, our county, the early realization of common ideal.

Zhao Heli Li said, de aromatic organic farm overall project received support from all aspects, modern agricultural science and technology project full of lofty spirit, we are expected Chinese diligence, wisdom and so on display to the world through the project, also hope that through the project better and the international exchange, cooperation. The construction of the project has a long way to go, in the hope that some favorable policies, shorten the construction period, in the limited time, use the highest morale project will be presented to the world.