THE FARM Organic farm project groundbreaking ceremony was held in Xuyi County of Huaian City

Form:THE FARMDate:2014-07-04

The afternoon of July 23rd, by Huaguang modern agricultural development (Jiangsu) Co. chairman Zhao Heli Li Investment De Fang organic farm project groundbreaking ceremony was held in the county. Secretary of the CPC Huaian Municipal Committee, municipal people's Congress Standing Committee Liu Yongzhong, vice mayor Shi Guojun, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhu Youdong and Xuyi Secretary of county Party committee, county people's Congress Standing Committee Cai Duncheng, deputy secretary of the county, county magistrate Leeson attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

Also attending the ceremony, former chairman of Ge Jinzhao fund in Taiwan, China Shanghai City Economic and cultural association president Zhu Master etc..

Liu Yongzhong de aromatic organic farms in Xuyi and the opening ceremony expressed warm congratulations and heartfelt thanks, with the Huaian Xuyi people's trust on 何琍 Zhao Li, after investigation and preparation for four years, came all the way, the trouble came to Xuyi this piece of land investment act, feel very touched.

Liu Yongzhong to advance the project into three "Hope", looking forward to Defang organic farm as a rising star, after development and strive to create a well-known brand after Xuyi lobster brand; look forward to Defang organic farm successfully settled in for the promotion of the development of modern agriculture, increasing farmers' income in Xuyi played a very good role expectations De Fang; organic farm early from the saplings grow into a towering tree, around.

Cai Dun said, de aromatic organic farm soil construction embodies many leaders and experts, into a Zhao Helili chairman of effort, have milepost significance of agricultural development in Xuyi, is the Xuyi County agricultural modernization, export-oriented economy, industrial technology of large projects, good projects. The chairman Zhao heliLi articles Huaguang investment company invested 2000000000 yuan to build the project, after completion will effectively improve the level of agricultural modernization in Xuyi, Xuyi in the rapid development of agricultural modernization, make important contribution for the development of tourism industry in Xuyi, the county economy span.